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Jason's Portfolio

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This was a crazy fun place to work. So many great people that I’m still friends with today. We did 21+ Web & Print Projects in 6 months. I managed all of these projects full life cycle and multi-projects of course at a time. I also managed 30 developers charged with bringing it all together from Canada, USA, Argentina and India. Some were small and some were large and we just got in and got it done. I worked on the customer facing website as well as products that customers bought to build out their own website, widgets for them to purchase such as calendars, etc… We did a very successful real estate plugin for agents to be able to easily build a site out with their listings and manage it. We were using cutting edge technology at the time. As you can see I was in just about every tool known to man. I had a great UX team that produced the wireframes and did user testing and research. Awesome designers on the team, Project Mangers and of course Developers.


Network Solutions Inc.