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Land Rent Agreement Format In Nepali

By order of the following events, a tenant may leave the rented house before the expiry of the rental period by sending the landlord a written notification of at least thirty-five days; With the tenant`s photo affixed to the contract, the contract must also be signed by at least two witnesses from each party. A copy of the contract is kept by both the landlord and the tenant. * If the contract does not provide for a method of payment or payment, the tenant must pay the rent to the landlord within 7 days of the end of each month. * In case of termination of the house rental contract, the tenant is required to return these properties in good condition. The owner of the house has the right to inspect the rented house by notifying the tenant in advance. It is the tenant`s duty to allow the landlord to inspect the house. b). When the tenant commits an activity prohibited by law in the rented house as part of criminal activities, unless the monthly rent of the house does not exceed twenty thousand rupees while renting a house, its owner must enter into a written agreement with the tenant that lists the following issues: 3. The contract is valid for five (five) years from the date of signature of this contract, September 2006, however, according to previous information, the contract will be further expanded and manual understanding. Similarly, the contract can be terminated by both parties after being informed in advance of two months. (c) If the owner takes an act contrary to the contract or the law, 2. The tenant pays the rental price on the basis of the debt invoice presented by the owner of the land for one semester. * Unless otherwise stated, it is the owner`s obligation to pay taxes and other taxes imposed by law regarding the rented house.

If the landlord does not pay tax or other expenses, the tenant must make the payment and deduct the same amount from the rent payable. 3. If the landlord and tenant terminate the contract by mutual agreement, (c). If the landlord needs the house for himself, the landlord is required to inform the tenant in writing at least thirty-five days in advance. In addition, the owner has the right to rent such a house to another person for a maximum period of 3 months without using it himself. However, if the landlord does, the top priority is the tenant. If the agreement provides that the tenant may sublet all or part of the rented house, he/she may sublet all or part of such a house to another person, subject to the agreement. 1. The rental fee of the above-mentioned land at Machchhegaun Ward No.

01 Kha Plot No. 436 and 437 is charged r. 46.200 / – per month, which corresponds to rs. 5,54,400 per year (five Lakhs fifty-four thousand and only four hundred). Unless otherwise provided in the contract, the tenant is obliged to carry out the repair and maintenance of the rented house if necessary. If the contract requires the landlord to carry out repairs and maintenance, the tenant must inform the landlord in writing in a timely manner….